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People usually seek mountain biking enjoyment in the mountains, but what we have found is the passage through the mountains, along our abandoned and mysterious tunnels, in the mine no longer in use under the Peca mountain.

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What we offer is a guided cycling tour, more than 5 km long, along a path, illuminated by head- lamps warn on helmets, from one valley to another, where you can enjoy a safe, extraordinary and unforgettable adventure.

Cycling route under the mountain

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Although lead mining under the mountain began already in Roman times, the written records show, that from 1665 until the end of the previous century, when the mine was finally closed down, 800 km of tunnels were dug under the mountain.
Majority of tunnels were dug out in the solid rock. The ore and the waste material were transported from the mine by special cars along transportation tracks.

Nowadays, this unique, more than five kilometres long cycling route, runs through such bike tunnels.

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The cycling path runs along safe tunnels and it rises for only fifteen metres, but the potholes and bumps which remained from the removed tracks do not offer smooth cycling.
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The most suitable starting point for this adventure is the mining museum in Mežica (500 metres above sea level), where the guide with the necessary equipment will be waiting for you.

From there you will cycle to the mine entrance Igrčevo (643 metres above sea level) near Črna na Koroške.

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The mine exit is in another valley, (Breg near Mežica), from where you will descend along a two km long road to The Mining Museum at Glančnik, where the hired equipment will be returned and the bikes could be washed.

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