There is an adventure park in front of the Karavanke UNESCO Global Geopark information centre that takes visitors back millions of years to the time of dinosaurs and centuries back to the time of King Matjaž. The painting by academic painter Barbara Jurkovšek shows our surroundings from two hundred million years ago. At that time, there was a sea here in which ichthyosaurs and many other organisms lived, as evidenced by the preserved ichthyosaur vertebra found in the mine. It can be seen in the museum today.

Dinosaurs that inhabited our planet two hundred million years ago are on display in the adventure park, and various rocks show the geological variety of the Karavanke UNESCO Global Geopark.

The Labyrinth of King Matjaž uses interesting stories and beautiful illustrations by well-known Slovenian authors to provide the answer to the following question: “Who was King Matjaž?”, and climbing skills can be tested on a climbing wall in the form of the calcite mineral found in our mines.

The niches in the retaining wall of the access road explain the most important geological events in the history of the Geopark Karavanke, when exceptional rocks, minerals, ores and fossils were formed. Since the geological structure and varied tectonic events also influenced the creation of various habitats of plants and animals, as well as the lives of people, the niches also present a colourful living world and the traditions of the area. Geo-events from the history of the Earth are also added to the interesting events from the Geopark Karavanke.