Peca Underground and Geopark Karavanke are perfect for learning in a fun way. That’s why we named the set of educational activities Fun, educational, exciting.

Educational workshops are intended for different age groups of children and adolescents.

GEO-EVENTS – workshops for kindergartens and the 1st educational cycle of primary schools

In educational workshops, children learn through games about the geology and geological characteristics of the Karavanke UNESCO Global Geopark. They develop a positive attitude towards this heritage and contribute to its preservation in the long term.

THE MYSTERIOUS WORLD OF STONES, MINERALS AND FOSSILS – workshops for students of the 2nd and 3rd educational cycle primary school and high schools

Children and students develop a positive attitude towards geological heritage mainly through experiences on practical examples of assignments. The workshop introduces children to the work of a field geologist, the basics of petrology, mineralogy, palaeontology, hydrogeology, by also pointing out nature protection and geological heritage.

We recommend implementation of workshops with a visit to the Peca Underground and the museum collections. The workshops are suitable for implementation during field trips, projects and technical days.