The area of Peca includes sensitive and interesting geodiversity in the centre of the Geopark Karavanke. Sensitive natural spaces, environmental topics and climate change are difficult to access for the population in terms of extensive sensitization in everyday life. Also, the trend of media digital entertainment will have an ever-increasing influence, which leads to a reduced range of movement, especially among children and young people. This project will significantly contribute to the improvement of both previously mentioned aspects in the cross-border experience area of Mount Peca. The geodiversity of this area and its connection with global topics will be communicated in a playful and an attractive way. The primary project goal is to strengthen the sensitivity to natural features in connection with attractive “recreational offers” through an attractive offer structure in “natural and geo-experience”, and thereby enable access to the general public. The network of experiences, where the individual can experience geodiversity, the environment in a playful way and explore it in a playful way, will directly emphasize the importance of the Geopark Karavanke. In doing so, sensitive areas (Natura2000) will be deliberately excluded from use, and their contents will be provided in suitable locations in the immediate vicinity. Geodiversity and its contents, as well as the need for leisure activities in nature, do not end at national borders. The results must be available to the general public. This will pursue the goal of protecting the area not through support positions, but through spatially oriented use and intensive building of awareness. The entire network of created excursion destinations must be included in the framework of the bilateral Geopark Karavanke for the management of geodiversity and tourism.

Project partners:

  • F.S. Immobilienverwaltungs GmbH (Leadpartner)
  • Naturfreunde Österreich Ortsgruppe Petzen
  • Obir Tropfsteinhöhlen GesmbH
  • Municipality of Globasnitz
  • Municipality of Črna na Koroškem
  • Municipality of Prevalje

Podzemlje Pece, podjetje za razvoj turistične in muzejske dejavnosti, d.o.o.

Duration of the project: 1. 3. 2018–28. 2. 2021

Approved ERDF contribution: 1.966.798,63 €