Numerous spaces in the mine also allow the organization of special events or customized experiences. Many well-known companies have already prepared meetings with their business partners and customers and “team building” programs for their employees in the mine.

A space dedicated to the search for the treasure of the dwarf Perkmand’lc is available in the former “sawmill”. Legend has it that Perkmand’lc, a small man in green trousers, a red jacket and with a cap on his head, was the guardian of the treasures of Peca. He often teased the miners, ate their lunch or hid their lamps. He also often reminded them of the danger or showed them rich ore if they left him a treat. He once showed the hidden wealth of Peca to two miners. As they were very greedy, they collected more treasures than they were allowed. The dwarf therefore hid the treasures deep in the underground of Peca. But they are not quite destroyed yet. Perkmand’lc has prepared many riddles for visitors who can save the treasures from eternal destruction with the correct answers.

It is possible to combine the treasure program of Perkmandl’c with a tour of the circular route in the mine and with a meal, as a dining room is also available in the “sawmill” part. Searching for the treasure of Perkmandl’c can also be a birthday treat.