New Unique Experience!

New Unique Experience!

  • Posted by admn
  • On September 20, 2023

This August, we were delighted to hear that the Slovenian Tourist Board has included our underground mountain-bike trail Black Hole Trail among the new experiences with the Slovenia Unique Experiences label.

Members of the commision wrote:

»The experience represents a new dimension of underground cycling and is spontaneously complemented by the classic cycling in Peca Underground, which has been on the market for over twenty years. Operational year-round, regardless of weather conditions, the journey is enriched by other products from the same provider: the Jamnica Single Trail Park and the Peca Cycle Park, an exciting Europe’s longest flow trail soaring a thousand meters above sea level. The added value of the experience is also the fact that it was designed in close cooperation with former miners and together with the well-known Štrucl cycling family, which built a cycling park in Jamnica and the first specialized mountain biking hotel in Slovenia in 1995, and today successfully runs Ecohotel Koroš.«


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